Decorating Your Home with Pastel Colours

Decorating Your Home with Pastel Colours

While the contemporary era is immersed in the "clean" and the minimal when it comes to interior design, pastel colours still prove to be en vogue if you want to brighten up your room. 

Of course, preferences are a matter of taste, not trends. But if you want to try something that deviates from what you are accustomed to seeing in your home or establish a different ambiance that even your visitors would find refreshing, setting up your home with pastel colours might just do the trick.

What are pastel colours exactly?

What Are Pastel Colours Exactly? 

If you are to consult an interior designer, they will tell you that pastels are hues of high value and low to moderate saturation. Subscribing to this definition provides us with an idea that its scope is wide, dismissing the notion that pastels only encompass the likes of sky blue, mint green, mauve, and baby pink. 

The pastel colour palette also includes colours such as orchid bloom, popcorn, and potpourri among a host of others. Integrating these into the interiors makes them look and feel fresh, making for a bright and calming atmosphere.

6 tips on how to include pastel into your colour palette

6 Tips on How to Include Pastel Into Your Colour Palette 

Integrating pastels in your home, may it be through the painting of your walls or bringing in new furniture, may prove a testing task. There is always a chance for people to overdo pastel colour decorations. And just like anything done in excess, the design becomes oversaturated--tiring the eyes and possibly causing distaste. To keep us out of that pitfall, here are some tips you can follow. 

  • Sync your accessories with the wall colours, but minimally
  • Embellish pastel colours across your kitchen and dining area
  • Layer up your floors, furniture
  • Match wood finishes with pastel colour schemes
  • Reupholster
  • Install art that uses pastels

Sync Your Accessories With The Wall Colours, But Minimally

You may think of placing a sizable article of furniture that immediately fetches attention--like a sofa--in any room that you spend time in. You can furnish this sofa with pastel-coloured throw pillows. This will figure well with living rooms that maintain singularly-white or walls. The move paints the room into a chic space, adding character and appeal. 

Embellish Pastel Colours Across Your Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen and the dining room are two areas that hold water when it comes to integrating pastel colours. If your dining room is punctuated with wood furnishings or any wooden effect, placing pastel-coloured items relevant to the space or painting its bare, surrounding spaces would make it more aesthetic. 

If you have the money to spare, you can opt to restructure your kitchen, making it modular through a range of pastel colours.

Layer Up Your Floors, Furniture

Layering your spaces means placing items such as carpets on the floor, rugs underneath the sofa, or cushions and pillows on the bed. Not only do these measures make your spaces more interesting, but they will also render warmth, making them more inviting.

Match Wood Finishes With Pastel Colour Schemes

Matching pastel-coloured furnishings with wooden ones are easy as pastels blend well with items produced through naturally occurring materials. Think of rattan, wooden floors, and husks that can easily complement pastels such as peach and pink. 


You can also revitalize your existing chairs or sofas by having them reupholstered with pastel fabrics. This will become ideal with wide Dining and Living Rooms that maintain walls painted with plain white or light colours (as discussed in the first tip).

Install Art That Uses Pastels

Pieces of art, regardless if it's a painting, installation, or sculpture can imbue a space with personality and layer. Pick among any work of art rendered in pastel that may be readily available to you. Or if your budget allows you, purchase some pieces that could fit the spaces you intend to place them in. 

Placing a huge pastel art piece in a spacious room can single-handedly change the way you view the space. 

Experiment with pastels today

Experiment With Pastels Today!

Through these 6 ways, you can effectively introduce pastel colours into your home. If integrated with balance, you will see how your home will brighten, changing it dramatically from drab to an enervating conversation starter.

Go ahead and try these tips out! Who knows? You might just find out that you have the touch to make interior magic through the use of pastels.  

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