Home Staging Illusions

Home staging illusions

Before selling our homes to their next owners, we need to stage it. Home staging is when we set-up our properties to make them marketable and present them in the best possible way that we can by highlighting their prime features.

Before we discuss the illusion space interior design, we want to first clarify that while we will talk about illusions in this blog, we don’t have the intention to deceive people.

Home staging illusions don’t hide the imperfections in a room; it highlights the best parts. It’s making the most of the space in terms of design and function. Interior optical illusions can be a great way to bring some intrigue and creativity into your home space.

Here are some ideas for how to create them:

  • Illusion of more light
  • Illusion of more space
  • Illusion of desired lifestyle
illusions of more light

Illusion of more light

Letting in more light into your home isn’t just about creating the illusion of bigger spaces; it also has health benefits. Natural light helps the body produce more melatonin and serotonin. The former is a hormone that helps us regulate our digestion, body clock, and sleep patterns. The latter reduces depression symptoms which has become quite common since the pandemic first took over the world.

You can do this by choosing bright-colored furniture, using mirrors in your decoration, getting rid of curtains, increasing the number of light sources in the room, and by bringing in more greenery.

Illusion of more space

Illusion of more space

More space means a premium price and people are willing to pay extra for it. Smaller homes get more benefit from staging because the illusion of more space makes them bigger than it is by showcasing how much furniture and accessories can fit in them.

Some of the things you can do to achieve this are to make sure that the furniture you get is ideal sizes for the room. Keep sofas off the wall and add mirrors; strategically place them near a window to reflect the light and view outside. You can also make use of see-through furniture.

Illusion of desired lifestyle

Illusion of desired lifestyle

When you stage a property, you not only give the impression of what the space could be and how it functions, you also give them an idea of the kind of lifestyle they can have in the house.

If you want it homey or trendy or even artsy, that’s where you will base everything else in the house from decorations to paint, from furniture and accessories, to even the art.

Home staging illusions are beneficial to properties before they are put up for sale on the real estate market. We hope our tips can help you create the best look for your homes.

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