How To Stage Your Property

How To Stage Your Property

We have listed ideas on how you can stage your property and achieve a higher price in the current market

When it comes to selling a home, you want it looking perfect for potential buyers who walk through the door. This is where home staging comes into play.

Home staging is a decorating technique used to highlight your home's most impressive features and assist buyers in imagining themselves moving in and living there. If you do it correctly, you should have no trouble selling your home quickly.

So if you plan to put your house on the market this summer, it goes without saying that you want to sell it as quickly as possible and for the asking price. Set the stage for success with these 7 tips for styling and upgrading your home, and you'll see results — quickly:

  • Clear away all clutter
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Refresh rooms with light-reflecting colours
  • Stage your front yard to make a good first impression
  • Renovate your kitchen and bathroom
  • Stage your home for comfort
  • Don’t forget to stage the backyard
  • Stage a small bedroom to sell
  • Create an illusion of an empty space
Clear Away All Clutter

Clear away all clutter

All clutter must be removed if you are serious about staging your home. In the eyes of potential buyers, clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards, and closets equal more space, so remove anything unnecessary or unsightly.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearrange your furniture

Symmetrical arrangements usually work well in the living room. Remove your furniture from the walls and use pairs (of sofas, chairs, and lamps) to create a welcoming conversation area.

Refresh rooms with light-reflecting colours

Refresh rooms with light-reflecting colours

While you may prefer bright or dark colours, or bold wallpapers when staging a home, it's often best to stick to what's safe to ensure a sale. White, neutrals, naturals, and pastels can all create a space-enhancing feel that buyers will appreciate.  

Stage Your Front Yard To Make A Good First Impression

Stage your front yard to make a good first impression

The decision-making process of a buyer does not begin once they enter the property; it begins 100 meters before they enter As a result, any remedial work or improvement to the property's entrance will pay dividends.

Try to clean as many windows as you can, especially the ones at the front of the house. As the summer progresses, new flowers or a hanging basket can make a good first impression.

Renovate Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Renovate your kitchen and bathroom

Staging a kitchen may involve more than just decluttering and cleaning; if yours is preventing you from receiving an offer, you may need to consider a remodel, the cost of which, if done wisely, can be recouped when you sell.

A new kitchen has the greatest influence on a new buyer. It shows prospective buyers that the house has been updated. Upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms always pay for themselves.

The same goes for your dining room and dining table, which is a focal point for meals. Make sure that it has enough space for people to move around without hitting each other’s knees but is still close enough to promote an intimate experience.

Stage Your Home For Comfort

Stage your home for comfort

Comfort is much more important because since covid people are now staying in their homes for long periods of time. It also has to make people feel like their lifestyle could fit in with this on a daily basis, so it's important not to give any space an impersonal, hotel vibe.

Don't Forget To Stage The Backyard

Don’t forget to stage the backyard

Assess what needs to be done to make the property as presentable as possible, just as you did with the front. Consider it an extra room and stage it accordingly. Begin by measuring your outdoor space and deciding what type of furniture will best suit your needs and lifestyle – a bistro two-seater table and chairs is ideal for romantic al fresco dining on a city balcony, whereas a large sofa set is ideal for a sociable family household – all of these backyard ideas will assist.

Staging A Bedroom To Sell

Staging a small bedroom to sell

If you’re home has more than one bedroom, it’s enough that you stage a small one when you open your house for viewing. Picking the one with the less space and making it look bigger is key.

Create An Illusion of An Empty Space

Create an illusion of an empty space

There are buyers who prefer to see less decor and design in a room so that their imagination can do it for them. Providing minimal furniture or decor to draw the attention to the “empty” space is ideal.

While there is no guarantee that staging your home will result in a higher offer, it should help you stand out from the competition by making your home look move-in ready, maximizing your space, and adding small details that make a big difference. While these practical tips should help pave the way for a smooth home staging journey and show buyers a home they'll soon want to call their own, they're not the only way to increase the value of your home.

Working with a seasoned real estate agent who has years of experience getting sellers the right price for their homes will help you make the most of your home sale. Get in touch with Collings Real Estate today for more information.


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