How to Style Living Room Shelves

How to style living room shelves

While most of the time, only book lovers can relate to shelf aesthetics, more and more people are now into shelves.  These days, not only is it used for storage, it can also be used for design purposes in an otherwise empty space.

However, it is quite tricky to design them. Staging bookshelves for house sale requires certain amounts of skill because they can take up quite a lot of space. So, here are some tips we came up with on how to style shelving.

Remove personal items

Remove personal items.

For home staging, it is best to remove traces of your personal preferences. This is because we want future homeowners to see themselves in the space without influencing their perceptions. Personal items limit their imagination as to how they would use the space.

Choose the right decorations

Choose the right decorations.

It could be one of the trickiest parts of styling shelves, but one of the most important things to consider is the overall theme of the space where the shelves are. Align with its color palette and the style it’s going for. Is it rustic or minimalist? Is it wood-tone or pastel colors? Depending on the theme, you adjust accordingly to include decor and accessories.

Add greenery

Add greenery.

Greenery can make a shelf look more personal and cozy. While we prefer to make a generalised feel for the setting to encourage future homeowners to imagine themselves in the space, adding nature pieces can earn brownie points. As most shelves are considered industrial and impersonal, greenery can add character and make the area more cosy.

Avoid clustering all decorations in one spot.

Avoid clustering all decorations in one spot.

Don’t stress yourself and put items in all the shelf racks. You can evenly space them out and leave some empty so it would not look cluttered. These spades in between can also make the space seem bigger than it is. You can achieve varied looks by playing with different visual elements like heights, sizes, and shapes. Applying the concept of less is more as overdecorating will make it seem tacky and very cluttered.

Work with what you have

Work with what you have.

The most ideal shelf styling technique is to work with what you have. Don’t spend any more than you have to; if you can style your shelves without spending anything, it’s better. Research on what works best with what you have or ask for advice from friends.

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