How to Turn Your Bedroom Into the Perfect Sanctuary

Turn your most private room in the home into the ultimate sanctuary.
How to Turn Your Bedroom Into the Perfect Sanctuary

We all want our bedroom to be our ultimate oasis; a place where we can relax and rejuvenate undisturbed. We suggest these ideas to make it easier to transform your room from the typical to a one-of-a-kind.

  • Organise your closet
  • Invest in acoustics
  • Repaint your walls
  • Dimmer switches
  • Check your doors
  • Use the right curtains for your windows
  • Make your bed
  • Incorporate elements of nature
  • Display art

Organise your closet


Declutter your closet and cabinet and make sure that only essentials are left behind, or things that you would actually use. This also frees your closet for more storage spaces. Organise your things; come up with a grouping system that would maximise the use of racks, shelves, and drawers.

Invest in acoustics


Invest in some sound machines that can help create ambiance and enhance the mood so you can further relax and enjoy your alone time. Sound machines can play music but also ambient sounds like waterfalls, ocean waves, rain, or even nature sounds. Investing in acoustic paneling for your walls can also have psychological and physiological effects because it gives you a different kind of privacy.

Repaint your walls


It could actually be a repaint or putting up a mural for your walls; whatever you decide on, as long as it helps you feel more relaxed inside your bedroom, go for it. Different color schemes have energising and mood-boosting effects in our body.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches

Having control over the amount of light you have in a space will help you feel more comfortable. Too much light can strain the eyes as too low light. Being able to switch from too bright to slightly dim can make a huge difference to you and your room.

Check your doors


Common doors have hollow-cores so invest in some solid-core doors. This will help mute the sounds outside of your room especially if you’re very serious about your rest and sleep. It’s more functional than decorative, although depending on the material used, it’s also nicer to look at.

Use the right curtains for your windows

Curtains and windows

Having large windows would both help you get more natural light during the day and have an amazing view of the night sky and stars at night. But again, if sleep is a huge part of your routine, make sure to invest also in black-out curtains. Make sure that the length is proportionate to the windows to have almost complete darkness inside your room. 

Make your bed

Perfect bed

No matter the size of the room, make sure that your headboard is comfortable as it will help shield your head from the wall. Choose the right mattress for your needs especially if you have a hard time sleeping. Keep in mind that it should be firm enough to support your body but at the same time, plush enough to allow space for movement whenever you want without feeling cramped in all the wrong places. Investing in high quality sheets or a weighted blanket can also help you sleep better. 

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Incorporate elements of nature

Elements of Nature

A small plant could go a long way in your sanctuary. Having scented candles reminiscent of the smells of nature, or even some natural sounds will definitely guarantee to put you in a relaxing mood. In terms of materials, you can use wood or timbre as furniture and as part of the light fixtures.

Display art


It never fails. Art always invokes reaction from people just by looking at it. Whether it’s a small sculpture or a grand painting, art enhances the feel of the space it occupies.

The design of your bedroom can be a reflection of your personality and create a comfortable, personalised space that reflects who you are. Our bedroom is the place where we can be our most vulnerable selves so we need to make sure it’s a space where we can let go of everything and just rest.

With thoughtful interior design decisions, you can craft an inviting sleep space that will help make waking up each day an enjoyable experience. Take what you can from our list and go for that renovation.

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