Interior Decoration vs. Interior Design

Interior Decoration vs Interior Design

So you've just decided to make some changes around the house and realize you'll need some assistance. You begin your search for potential services and discover that some professionals describe their work as interior design, while others are interior decorators. You're suddenly confronted with new questions, such as "What's the difference?" and, more importantly, "Which one do I require?"

Let’s take a look.

Interior design

Interior Design

Interior design refers to the art and science of recognizing human behavior in order to create usable spaces in a home. An interior designer works with architects to develop interior structural changes and navigate building codes, and has extensive building knowledge. 

Interior designers have a keen sense of beauty and aesthetics. They have an uncanny ability to select everything from the ideal color scheme to the most majestic wall art. Their primary focus is space planning, and they typically collaborate with your home's architects to determine how best to build your home artistically.

For example, if you are considering installing a floor to ceiling glass window, your interior designer will be responsible for ensuring that it is installed in an elegant and posh manner, and that it corresponds with the space of the room as well as the furniture and stylings you wish to complete in the space.

Interior designers are also in charge of deciding what functional changes you want to make to your home.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration

Interior decorators, as the name implies, are primarily concerned with the decorative details of your home. They bring an artistic eye and flair to the task of creating design magic in your home. Interior decoration or decor is the decoration of an area or living space with lovely or fashionable objects that work with existing color schemes to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Interior decorators enjoy everything from selecting and arranging furniture to selecting decorating items and artistically arranging them. They refer to the decoration or embellishment of a room with decorative elements in order to achieve certain aesthetics. In a nutshell, decorators will decorate but will not design the interiors.

Similarities and Differences

Interior design and interior decorating are two different concepts. Interior design focuses on the layout and functional aspects of a space, Interior decorating, on the other hand, is focused more on aesthetics. If you are looking to make structural changes such as renovation, then an interior designer would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are focused mainly on adding decorative elements, then hiring an interior decorator might be more suitable. Both strive to create a space that meets their client’s needs and aesthetic preferences. They must also take into account the space’s existing features, such as architectural elements or existing furniture.

Whatever professional you choose, remember to read reviews and look through their portfolios before making an appointment with anyone. Once you've identified a few interior designers or decorators who appear to design in the style you prefer, meet with each one to determine who you believe is the best fit for the job. You will be working with this person for several months, so choose a design specialist with whom you are comfortable and who speaks to your design needs.

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