Interior Design with Pets in Mind

Interior Design with Pets in Mind

For all pet lovers out there, one of the most common problems is how to house train your furry friends, especially if you have several. On top of taking care of them, you also have to make sure that the house is pet-proof so that you and your pets can live together harmoniously.

We came up with a list of tips for cat and dog friendly interior design that you can use in your homes. 

  • Strong floors
  • Window treatments
  • Kitchen
  • Toys
  • Furniture
Strong floors

Strong floors.

While our hearts beat faster and our smiles go brighter at the sound of the footsteps of our beloved pets coming closer, floors that aren’t sturdy would easily wear. Our pets have infinite amounts of energy at their expense so it will be very easy for weak floors to wear and tear.

Window treatments

Window treatments.

Pets love windows. Whether it’s to play, hangout or even sleep, the window is a space that they enjoy. It is better not to put up curtains or blinds as our pets love playing with anything that their paws can touch like cords, but just in case you want to, make sure that you go cordless to avoid mishaps.



Cats take charge of counters since they can jump up; dogs rule the floor. Any food you have that falls on the floor or is left out in the open in a countertop, your pets are guaranteed to find it. To avoid this, keep the kitchen clean, tidy, and orderly. Opt for secure and tight storage containers to keep them away.

Also, baby proof your kitchen; pets are very smart and can learn how to open doors of cabinets, drawers, or even the fridge.



Toys for pets aren’t just a distraction for them or a plaything, it’s something for them to focus on when the need to chew something or the urge to scratch something becomes quite uncontrollable. They’re pets, after all, that’s what they do, right?

Make sure they have plenty of toys in different parts of the house.



Go for furniture that is fur-resistant. Choose fabrics like faux leather silk because pets shed; this material can make cleaning them easier. Also, opt for multi-patterned ones so it’ll be harder to spot fur or other marks. 

And as much as possible, in all its forms, avoid wood at all costs. It has a very appealing quality that entices dogs to chew on them and we don’t want that.

What fun it would be to have a home that you and your pets can live in without so much chaos.

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