Live and Let Go: Depersonalizing Your Home For a Sale

depersonalising your home for a sale

While you think you may have style (and we completely trust that you do) not everyone might share your preferences or idea of what a property should look like. From the layout to the type of decor and furniture you opted to integrate, your sense of aesthetics plays into how your home is composed. As this is the case, it might prove challenging to rid your home of the things you had consciously placed to make it your own.

And this is where home staging comes in. As opposed to interior design where the designer renders style into your home according to your preferences, home staging depersonalises it to make it more appealing to prospective buyers and home viewers.

If you are putting up your home for a sale but cannot afford a home stager, let us help you out. Here are five tips on how you can go about depersonalising your home on your own:

  • Conduct a deep clean
  • Get rid of all that clutter
  • Put them away in storage
  • Put up a yard sale
  • Paint your walls in a natural colour
Conduct a deep clean

Conduct a deep clean

Deep cleaning is where depersonalisation starts. You need to look into your problem areas to see if there are any hard-to-remove filth or stains that need to be prioritised. 

If you cannot do it yourself and have the money to spare, you can hire a professional cleaner or mover to make your job easier. 

Get rid of all that clutter

Get rid of all that clutter

Space, notably a wide and clean one, is one of the things that home buyers look for when they come to view a property. They would want to imagine themselves in the space, and how they would like to decorate and dress it according to their vision and aesthetic. 

That said, you need to declutter all your property's crucial spaces. You need to get rid of any collectible items that you might have or any personally-designed effects you wanted to be installed in your home. 

Put them away in storage

Put them away in storage

It is understandable if you still have some stuff that you cannot dispose of or sell. These may be trinkets or furniture that may have sentimental value. For this, you will need portable storage units. 

Apart from helping you clear out your house as you personalise, putting your stuff in storage also makes it easy for you to move them out once you are ready to transfer to your new home.

Put up a yard sale

Put up a yard sale

If there are items in your house that you know you can live without, you might as well let them go. If they are still in good condition and could be useful to others, don't just throw them away. 

Apart from giving them to charity, you can also sell them for low prices so that you can still earn from their current value. The returns you will be getting will undoubtedly help you in your depersonalisation project or in improving your next property.

For this, you can set up a yard sale. This would be convenient if you have the time to spare but simply cannot leave the house. You may also opt to sell your stuff to a flea market to reach a physical audience. If you want them to gain further mileage, you may post them on your social media accounts and arrange for a meetup or a pickup.

Paint your walls in a neutral colour

Paint your walls in a neutral colour

The keyword here is "neutral". By definition, this tells us that we need not have any biases or preferences going into the process of depersonalisation. 

In the literal sense, painting your walls neutral entails picking a neutral colour for your house. Look into what neutral colour is in trend. These days, designers and stagers agree that gray is a good neutral colour for model homes. As this is the case, you might have that as the dominant colour of your home when you put it up for sale.

Learn To Let Go

Depersonalising your house is a love letter to yourself asking you to let go. We tend to keep a lot of fluff in our lives that crowd not only our houses but also our minds. 

But even before you choose to depersonalise, you must learn to train yourself to let go of the things you are afraid to let go of. And once you can do so, many doors will start opening that lead you to new possibilities.

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