Styling Your Bed Like A Pro

Make your bed and style it too: how to style your bed like a pro

The first thing anyone notices when entering a bedroom is, of course, the bed. The way it is presented may make or break your room's atmosphere. As such, dressing it up in a way that reflects your personality while maintaining comfort and function may prove a challenge. 

But it's the kind of challenge that you will surely like.

To help you dress your bed like a pro, here are bed styling ideas that you can follow:

  • Purchase only quality linens
  • Present your pillows well
  • Layer it up
  • Experiment with your bedspreads
Purchase only quality bed linens

Purchase Only Quality Bed Linens

Buying cheap may save you money but it does not always get you the product or service you desire. While there are times that budget items can do the trick, if you want to get a bang for your buck, you will have to burn some.

The same is recommended for bed linens. If you want to get that neat and classy hotel bed aesthetic, you need to spend on pure cotton high thread-count bedding. 

These types of linens look luxurious, they are also kind to the body. Linens that are 100% cotton are highly breathable. This helps your body regulate its temperature and moisture levels.

Present your pillows well

Present Your Pillows Well

Match your pillows with the quality of your beddings by getting pillow shams. Place them on your existing pillows and see how they transform into extravagant pieces for your bed. 

If you have a duvet, it is advisable to hide one pillow underneath it while leaving the other one on top of it. Home stagers and interior designers do this for photoshoots as the design gives it a complete look, with the pillow underneath ready for sleeping. 

If you have a double bed, place two pillows on both sides. Fluff these pillows up, sit them on the duvet, and have the open side face the bed's outer edge.

Layer it up

Layer It Up!

Blankets and linens serve the purpose of making your bed fuller and gives it personality. Linens are good if you are trying to achieve a more relaxed feel.

You can also include a throw. Smaller than bedspreads and duvets, throws are not sized for mattresses as they are meant as accessories, not covers. Putting one of a contrasting colour provides an interesting layer of texture and style.

Cushions could have the same effect. Through them, you can create motifs and colour schemes as you make the entire bed appear fuller. 

Experiment With Your Bedspreads

Experiment With Your Bedspreads

Your bedspreads need not be organic matches. You can pair plain and patterned bedspreads for a pleasant contrast. To make the pattern unified with the overall look of your bedroom, take one of the colours from your walls or an artwork displayed therein and use that colour on the lower bedspread. This makes for good colour and pattern coordination across your bedroom.

Dressing your bed is a sure way to imbue your bedroom with a style that invites and offers much-needed calm from the demands of your personal life. So choose your effects carefully and wisely. 

We hope that the tips here on how to style a bed will help you improve your bedroom. Remember, your bedroom is an extension of yourself; whatever can be seen there gives people a glimpse of who you are or what you see yourself to be.

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