Rule of 3 in Home Styling

Rule of 3 in Home Styling

The rule of 3 doesn’t just apply in photography, it also can be used in home styling. It is a design principle that significantly impacts each room in your home.

But what is the rule of three?

The rule of 3 theory explores the idea that odd numbers expand and create more energies; on the other hand, even numbers contract and condense, making things seem smaller than they really are. In home styling, if you want to add energy and create a well-designed space that is cosy and comfortable, infusing the rule of 3 in your home styling ideas will be a big help.

So what are the elements of style that you can use the rule of 3?



In a room, you can pick three different colours that complement each other. Usually, there will be 60% for the main colour, 30% for the secondary color that compliments the main one, and then the remaining 10% will be for the accent colour.

You can do contrast colours or those from the same colour palette; you can do it in the same colour but different shades. Three colours will help set the mood in the room.

Size and shape

Size and shape

Height and girth matters on the size and shape of objects when you apply the principle of rule of 3. For example, the coffee table in the middle of the living room has three small different-sized decorative bottles. Or if you prefer to put art pieces on a side table along one of the hallways in your home, experiment with three different shapes. A star, a circle, and a square can be a nice example, but you can also play with other shapes.

The rule of 3 makes for a more balanced design effect overall.



Examine a well-designed room. The walls can be one solid color or will have texture; could be marble or stripes, or can even use panels. Then, for the chairs and other furniture, it will have solid colors. For the room accessories and accents, it will have colorful or more detailed patterns, like for example the sofa cushions.

Different textures add character to an otherwise cold room and gives it a more homey feel.

The rule of 3 in home styling is a good principle to follow so try it when you undergo a makeover or when you move to a new home.

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Home Styling

Home Styling - What are the best ways to style your home?

Home styling in Melbourne is a very in demand service. Sometimes, property owners are styling their home for sale; there are those who want to have home styling consultation with specialists. There are homeowners who just want to upgrade and look for home stylings services, and then there are those who just enjoy styling spaces and interior home styling.

Whatever the case, whether it’s a Federation style home, a Hampton, a Victorian, or Spanish style homes, home styling is always something to look forward to.

Below are some of the tips we have to styling your homes.

Add personality to your room

Add personality to the rooms

We’ve highlighted in previous posts that neutrality is very important and that we should let potential home buyers see themselves using the space. But if you want to just upgrade the style of your home, you can treat them as personas that you need to dress up.

You can design a room based on the personalities of those who live there. If you’re a family, you can pattern it to each member. If you live alone, you can design each room based on different facets of your personality.

Go crazy with paint

Go crazy with paint 

Never underestimate the power of paint in dictating the mood of a room or space. Dark rooms can become very light and airy if you paint it in bright colors to reflect the light. A square room can feel rather otherworldly and vibrant if you put different splashes of color to make it come alive. 

This can also be implemented on the exterior part of the house. There may be cobwebs you didn’t know were there or dusts accumulating on the window sills. There could be trash beneath the windows from the last party you hosted. Once you are done cleaning, apply a fresh coat of paint and mirror it with the plants or flowers and garden furniture you have.


Knobs and handles

Not many people realize that knobs and handles also have significant impact in the overall appearance of a space. 

Imagine solid dark colors: drawers, cabinetry, tiles. And then, we get a break from the minimalist design by having knobs and handles that add character to the space without messing up the overall appearance.

Be bold with decors and accessories

Be bold with decor and accessories

Most of the decors and accessories go well together in themes. For example, if you have a blue and white theme, most of the decor and accessories are in that color as well.

Be bold and try to mix and match colors and patterns. Orange or yellow are complements blue and white nicely. You can also try contrasts, like dark gray or dark blue.

In terms of accessories, if for example your room has sharp lines, use accessories that are asymmetrical or with curves. The same goes if you have a lot of curves in your style and design, use accessories that have sharp lines.

Make sure furniture talks to each other

Make sure furniture “talks” to each other

By talk, we mean that they are connected. For furniture, make sure they are facing towards each other or any common space. This allows for the people who would occupy it to communicate and have closer interactions with each other.

Sunlight through the kitchen and other rooms

Sunlight through the kitchen and other rooms

Natural light is one of the most coveted part of nature that we want inside our homes. Not only does it make the space lighter and bigger, it also makes it feel relaxing and cheerful.

A darker or gloomier room makes it feel smaller and more constricting, so the sunlight will also have health benefits to the people using the space.

Give old stuff the cinderella treatment

Give old stuff the “Cinderella treatment”

Do you remember how the stepmother in Cinderella gave a magical new look to the otherwise normal daily things? You can do that, but on a more permanent level. A fresh coat of paint, some wiping and cleaning, or a rearrangement of furniture will do the trick.

Styling our home is one huge task to accomplish but we can break it down to smaller tasks. This way, it will be more manageable. Good luck!

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