Tips on How to Decorate Your Laundry Room

27 Tips on How to Decorate Your Laundry Room

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the laundry room is the liver. Most crucial when it comes to keeping things clean. Instead of treating this hardworking space as an afterthought, give it the TLC ( tender loving care) it deserves.

Keep it organised

Keep It Organised

The storage rooms in the laundry room are utterly squandered if they are not adequately organised. You may better utilise all of the storage space available by using smaller organization pieces such as baskets and boxes throughout the room.

Surround the machines with storage, bins, cabinets, and other organisers like shelves and racks to keep everything you need close at hand. Because space may be restricted, look for tiny shelving towers that leverage height rather than breadth to squeeze between machines and walls.

Keep Supplies Under a Skirt or a Curtain

Keep Supplies Under a Skirt or a Curtain

It is an option to keep your laundry supplies tucked away under a skirt or curtain. It gives the room a cleaner look while keeping your supplies safe and neatly stored.

Designate an Area for Sorting

Designate an Area for Sorting

It is important to have an area dedicated for sorting. Keep your whites away from your colored ones and your delicates (underwear). There should also be space allocated for linen and beddings, and towels.

Laundry baskets for the same purposes are also encouraged; this way, you’ll also be able to balance out the machine loads and not overwork it.

Be bold with colours

Be Bold with Colours

Colours have the power to evoke emotions and enhance experience. For what people usually consider as a mind-numbing chore, laundry can become something that you look forward to if the space makes you feel happy and energized.

Add other function

Add Other Function

There are a lot of other functions that your laundry room can serve as.

It could have a pet section where you have a dedicated space to give your furry friends a bath. It could hold a small workstation on what side where you can work while you wait for your load to finish before you transfer them to the dryer. You can have a sewing area or an ironing area. You can even have a reading nook.

Go with a Space Saving Storage Solution

Go with a Space Saving Storage Solution

There is so much space saving storage solutions available even in the smallest of laundry rooms.

You can make use of the space above the washer and dryer; you can maximise the area between the walls; you can stack your machines and add hooks on them for more functionality. 

Make Storage Look Chic and Luxurious

Make Storage Look Chic and Luxurious

If you don’t want to hide your laundry supplies behind a curtain or a skirt, make storage look chic and luxurious.

Instead of having plastic containers, opt for posh glass canisters. Instead of wooden beams as racks, try chrome or brass plated rods. For your clothes hangers, choose solid black ones.

Give both view and privacy

Give Both View and Privacy

Since laundry usually takes a couple of hours depending on the amount of clothes that you need to wash, it can also serve as your “me” time. If your laundry room has a provision for a nice window, make sure that you look out to a nice view, a garden or a backyard that you can appreciate while you wait.

If it doesn’t have a window, make sure it’s comfortable. Play with wallpaper or put a small flat screen inside where you can watch your favorite movies or television series to your heart’s content. You can make it a laundry date for yourself.

Creatively Hide Your (Dirty) Laundry

Creatively Hide Your (Dirty) Laundry

Who would want to have their dirty laundry out in the open, right? Good thing there are several options for glass doors to choose from. 

It could be frosted, fluted, crested, citrus, deep freeze, heirloom, overcast, palm, retro, spectrum, tinted, or vintage. All of these can be used on glass doors to the laundry room to creatively hide your dirty laundry.



It’s not just for aesthetic purposes nor convenience; it also has health benefits as it prevents you from bending down carrying loads of laundry all the time which could be painful and can put a strain on your back especially if you are not physically active.



Music while doing laundry? It’s fun! You can listen to your favorite playlist while you sort out your clothes or that podcast you’ve been following for weeks now. You can listen to the news or some random DIY tutorial that can aid you in other household chores.

Incorporate art

Incorporate Art

Who said art cannot be in the laundry room is just plain unimaginative. From the wallpaper to framed portraits of your favorite quotes; from tasteful art pieces that also double as functional storage to quirky canisters that blow the ordinary right out of the water, incorporating art into your laundry room is easy.

Decorating a small laundry room

Decorating a Small Laundry Room

In a tiny space, don't use a dark color on the walls. To make the space appear larger, paint them a lighter hue. Also, to assist the room appear larger, choose a room with a cool toned color.

Sometimes, a small bathroom-laundry room combo makes sense to some people. With the lack of space for a proper laundry room, the bathroom-laundry room combo is ideal so there is more to work with.

Go for function and aesthetics; make sure that everything you see in the room has its purpose, whether as a storage or as a container.

Laundry can be a very daunting task but to make it easier, make sure you do it in a wonderfully designed space.

Interior designers are great allies in making your laundry room a comfortable, stylish space. From choosing the right appliances and fixtures to selecting the best flooring and wall treatments, they will help you create a functional area that perfectly reflects your style. They can also suggest ways to add color and texture with decorative accents, like shelving and containers that can be used for storing detergents and dryer sheets. With their help, you'll have a laundry room that not only looks beautiful but is also functional for all of your washing needs.

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