Furniture Layout Rules

Furniture layout rules

There are some furniture placing techniques that interior designers observe when preparing a house to be staged. These furniture layout rules make rooms more organized and have a sense of balance and harmony.

We have gathered tips on apartment furniture layout that would give your space not just nice aesthetics but also great flow for each room. This will further encourage future homeowners to choose and buy your home.

How to decide for your furniture layout?

  • For living areas, keep the sofa off the all
  • Do not cover the windows
  • Ensure there are enough seats for everyone
  • Create conversation areas
  • Place side tables beside sofas or armchairs
Style for first impressions

Style for first impressions

When staging your home, keep in mind that first impressions highly influence the sale. So, style for first impressions.

The “wow factor” is important; the moment they walk inside the door, that first room defines the overall impression they would have on the entire property. If that first impression cannot be sustained all throughout the house, chances of them losing interest is high.

For living areas, keep the sofa off the wall

For living areas, keep the sofa off the wall.

In most cases, owners push their sofas on the wall to create the image of a bigger space. However, it leaves you with an open area that can become very awkward.

Having a small space between the wall and the sofa would make it look more cosier and inviting.

Do not cover the windows

Do not cover the windows.

Natural light helps in making the space appear more open and spacious. Even smaller areas in the home will look bigger with the help of the natural light coming in from windows. This will also make the new owners save up on electricity bills and that can further encourage them to choose your home.

Ensure there are enough seats for everyone

Ensure there are enough seats for everyone.

If you have a 4-bedroom house but only have a sofa that seats three people plus two ottomans, there won’t be enough seating space for people in the house. Make sure that you have seats for everyone including some for guests. This is very important especially to people who love to entertain.

Create conversation areas

Create conversation areas.

Potential home buyers go into a property with their own preferences in their mind. Once they’ve checked out the place, the next thing they consider is if the property is ideal for entertaining.

Creating a conversation space where the new owners can spend quality time with friends and family. Do this by letting the sofas and chairs face each other in angles where it would be effortless to talk to all the people in the room.

Place sde tables beside sofas or armchairs

Place side tables beside sofas or armchairs.

Having side tables will give your guests a space to put their things like phones, bags, or purses. This is also where you can put the drinks or snacks you want to serve them.

It is also a nice accessory to balance the furniture in the space and help with the overflow of the room.

While it is also important to note the colors, themes, and accessories that would go with the design of your home, furniture staging captures the attention of home buyers more. Help them see what they can do to a space and how it will function for them once they move in.

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