What Types of Liquor to Display When Selling Your Home

What types of liquor to display when selling your home

There is nothing like submitting to your recliner after a long week of drudgery with a glass of scotch in hand, getting a whiff of the spirit before you gulp as you turn on the screen to catch up on the latest on your favorite team. But the sight of the decanter alone, laid on a shiny silver tray atop that fine mahogany bar, is enough to calm the senses.

While marveling and downing a glass of that glimmering brown spirit may not be everybody's idea of a relaxing Friday night, displaying liquor on your property might just do it well. 

How does that happen exactly?

Staging your home for a sale is aimed at one thing: recreating your space to project a certain kind of lifestyle–a dream lifestyle. When people enter a home they might think of buying, they should be able to imagine themselves living there; enjoying every space, getting comfortable with the concept that it could be theirs. 

As this is the case, staging the space following the prospective buyer's perceived lifestyle is integral to appealing and establishing a connection to their emotions. Should this effort prove successful, sealing the deal is sure to follow. 

That said, the home stager's role is crucial as he or she should be able to imbue a certain aesthetic that will resonate with the buyers. 

Okay, I know what you're thinking: while these all sound good, how are they connected to turning liquor into a display?

Hear us out. If you are serious about selling your property, you might already have a clear idea of who your target audience should be. This is made clear by your property's location, type, and expected price. By determining these three, you can already determine who might want to buy your house. 

As this stands, you need to cater the design, and your liquor display,  to the demographic you are eyeing to sell your property. To help you with the cause, here are some things you can consider.

The types of liquor to display

The Types of Liquor to Display

The kind of liquor you should be displaying depends on the type of homebuyers you are targeting. For instance, if you are aiming at selling your property to couples or families, a wholesome wine setting would be fit. You can put out a bottle or two (perhaps a red and a white-depending on your property's color pallet). 

The same wine setting could be made for retirees wanting to settle in smaller properties or any individual or couple who belongs to the older demographic. You may also opt for brands that are a bit more expensive if you see that the downsizers are well-off.

If you are selling to first-time homebuyers or individuals looking into turning your property into an investment, then a spirits and cocktail arrangement would be good.

The effects

The Effects

Of course, serving liquor (or at least making your property appear that it does) comes with the appropriate effects. 

To complete the overall look, you could embellish your setup with juicers, muddlers, peelers, shakers, stirring spoons, and wine openers. But as you don't need to have all of them at once, what should be part of the setup are the necessary drinking glasses.

If you are setting up a wine display, wine glasses need to be present. If you opt to put out brown spirits like whiskey and brandy, you need to place sifters alongside the bottles. With scotch or bourbon, you can look into pulling up short embossed glasses.  

The space

The Space

Displaying liquor bottles will of course vary depending on your available space. 

If you have a ready bar, then setup would be relatively easy. But should that prove too much of a luxury, you can either repurpose a bookshelf or get a cart. 

With bookshelves, you can either get an existing one and mount it on the wall or let it sit on a counter. 

Carts bear good potential as they can easily be moved around. You may place it in your Dining Room, Living Room, or even Entertainment Room if you have one.

Your liquor aesthetic

Your Liquor Aesthetic

So there you have it. If you are thinking of placing additional effects for a property that you are selling, you might want to consider putting liquors, bottles, and glasses out for display. Not only would these make your home appear more affluent and luxurious, but they will also render it greater appeal. 

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