Old Is Gold: Styling an Older House for Sale

Styling an older house for sale

Your house is an extension of yourself–your character. How it looks and how it feels reflects your current state as its owner and as a person. 

However, either out of need or preference, there will come a time that you might have to let go of your property. As this is the case, leaving your house in a certain state will serve to represent who you are–and that is something you should not leave to interpretation.

Styling an old house for sale need not be a daunting task. You can derive great delight in staging it which leaves an indelible impression on prospective buyers. 

Traditional style home décor is far from being passé. For what it's worth, it bears a timeless charm that almost everyone can appreciate. Here are a few tips to help you style and spruce up an old home that you will be putting up for sale.  

  • Freshen your property with paint
  • Know when to use drapes or in-window shades
  • Make theree best of etags
  • Bring in a dash of contemporary
  • Establish zones
Freshen your property with paint

Freshen Your Property With Paint

Traditional home architecture styles at times make use of lavish trims and moldings. These tender ceilings, windows, doors, walls, and floors have a personality that is simply hard to let go of even by the more contemporary design-leaning folks. If you're dealing with the desire to revitalize your space without compromising its trims and moldings, you can give it a fresh coat of paint following your planned color palette.

Provided they are in sound condition, painting the trims is recommendable. While it should be in the same colour as the ceiling and the walls, do gloss the trims to highlight it. You can also choose to paint it with neutral contrasting shades. Be sure to unify all rooms in the house to establish consistency. 

Know When to Use Drapes or In-Window Shades

Know When to Use Drapes or In-Window Shades

Drapes are a good choice to cover up awkward window frames. When we say awkward, we are referring to the more quirky stylings (in the most unexpected of areas) that may not stand the test of time. In a sense, instead of being classic it tends to become "a product of its time." Dressing these types of windows with drapes does the job of hiding the design but at the same time still allowing natural light into your home.

Meanwhile, if you think that the window frames are worthy of being showcased but still want a sort of covering, install in-window shades. Not only will this allow you to keep the frame exposed, but this also allows you to give a modern touch to the space and most importantly, privacy.

Make Thèree Best of Étags

Make Thèree Best of Étags

Airy and open shelves provide storage and organization of trinkets and collectibles without having to change anything in space. Regardless of where it is placed inside your house, it can imbue it with a quaint appearance that is fit in a vintage setting. 

Bring In a Dash of the Contemporary

Bring In a Dash of the Contemporary

Neat, minimal, and simple in nature, furniture and appliances of contemporary design are good additions to old, traditional-style homes. Choose contemporary pieces that are not dramatically modern compared to your existing furniture. Make sure that they still complement what you have.

Placing modern furnishings across different rooms of a vintage home breathes new life into its interiors. This makes for an interesting design and aesthetic.

Establish Zones

Establish Zones

Traditional home architecture styles tend to have unusual layouts. If this is something that you think could be made better, we advise that you divide the space into zones. Turn them into square spaces by separating them with furniture like benches, chairs, étagères, and the like and have the floor covered with a rug.

Representing Yourself

Selling your old home is bidding a part of yourself farewell. So make sure that you bring a proper sendoff by giving it the love and attention it deserves and styling it the way you want to represent the kind of homeowner you are.

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