What is Property Styling?

What is property styling

Property styling is a tried-and-true method for selling a home faster and for a higher price.

Real estate agents today will tell you that they aren't just selling a house; they're selling a lifestyle. On the other hand, buyers today are more concerned with visual presentation than they are with function. It is especially important for properties to stand out and showcase their best features. 

We have listed down some ideas that we think best describes what property styling is:

  • It increases the property's value
  • It showcases the good parts of the property
  • It allows homebuyers to envision the functions of the property
Higher price

It increases the property's value

Property styling is the simplest and most cost-effective way to highlight your property’s assets. Vendors can no longer rely solely on land value or houses fetching exorbitant prices. Your home must be competitive and stand out from the rest of the properties on the market.

After property styling you will end up with your property fetching a higher price because you already enhanced how it looks; there is no need (or at the very least, minimal need) for the new owners to have it renovated; unless they have a specific taste that they want for the place. Even then, it could be done via furniture and decor. 


It showcases the good parts of the property

Potential buyers want to be able to envision their own furniture in your home, so they must see all of the "space" available to them in each room. Houses are frequently designed for your comfort, but this is not always visually appealing and does not maximize the room's features. What may seem comfortable for you may be cramped for potential buyers. The key to styling property is to create a look that allows potential buyers to easily envision themselves living in your property.


It allows homebuyers to envision the functions of the property.

People look to buy homes for logical/functional reasons (first home, growing family), but studies have shown that people buy homes based on emotional attachment or connection to a property. Styling homes allows people to envision how they could live a beautiful life in your property, eliciting an emotional response in the buyer.

Why would you accept a lower price for your home when a little extra time and effort could turn it into one of those properties that sell for far more than you expected? When you consider that your home is often your most valuable financial asset, it is critical to put effort into the presentation

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