Tips for Maximising Space

Tips for maximising space

We compiled tips to maximise closet space and other rooms in the home.

When you have smaller spaces in your home, maximising spaces can take some clever planning and phenomenal organisational skills. 

While it can be frustrating to tackle said spaces and think of the most functional way to make it work, it’s quite fulfilling to see the final product: maximised spaces, all functional and have just the right amount of aesthetic. 

We have come up with tips on how to maximise the spaces in your homes. Check them out.

How to maximise bedroom space

How to maximise bedroom space?

If you have a small bedroom and a huge amount of the space is already occupied by your bed, elevate it and make use of the space under the bed. You can also maximise the wall spaces and install floating shelves or trays that can serve as more storage.

Remove large storage furniture and choose smaller and more compact storage solutions that you can stack together. This will also help sort your stuff according to its purpose.

How to maximise wardrobe space

How to maximise wardrobe space?

The first thing you should do is to update your wardrobe. Leave only those that you will actually wear and use.

Invest in hooks and wardrobe rods that are retractable. Get yourself wardrobe inserts, too, so that you can also make use of the spaces between the clothes for smaller items like handkerchiefs, ties, or belts. Baskets, bins, and boxes are your friends.

Put dividers on your drawers and install a shoe carousel. Stacking shoes vertically doesn’t take up as much space so you can put more in the shoe closet. And the most important thing? Use all spaces from wall to roof.

How to maximise garden space

How to maximise garden space?

Before you design your garden space, you have to first decide what purpose it is that you want for it. Will it be for entertaining friends and family? For your relaxation? Will you be planting an herb garden or a vegetable one? After you determine what you want for your garden, it’s time to maximise the space.

If you want a lot of plants, make use of pots and take advantage of vertical spaces so that you can maximise the space and put up more. Make sure that you use every available space for your plants. Pots, planters, and even trellises will help you organise them. 

In case you prefer an area for entertaining, make sure to choose furniture that is stackable and that you can put away when not in use. If you have a tree in your garden, make use of the space around it by putting seating areas. If you have a smaller area for everything you need, consider having multi-purpose pieces. For example, seats also serve as storage. Place statement plants around the area that can also help shade parts of the areas where you and your guests can sit and spend some quality time together.

If you want your garden to be your own personal tranquility space, install a light-up water feature. The Zen effect will make the space feel bigger and the ambiance more relaxing. Choose a convertible lounge chair, play with texture that will complement the furniture, and use light-reflecting tricks to further illuminate your yard.

As mentioned, maximising space can be very tricky and would take some special skills. Decide what you want for the space and then work from there. The important thing to remember is that it has to be aesthetically pleasing but also very functional.

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