Tips on Staging Your Home Through Proper Lighting

Tips on Staging Your Home Through Proper Lighting

Style, aesthetics, and architecture are things that need to be considered when presenting your home. Your home's overall look when staged for a sale is decisive in getting the mileage and attention it deserves. But these elements simply could not stand on their own unless blessed by proper lighting.

Lighting may make or break how your overall setup looks. It should render your space attractive, be it through mood or by illuminating it entirely to see all the aspects and elements of your property. If you can execute your lighting properly, you can make spaces look bigger, cosier, and more attractive to your potential buyers.

And while it may be easy to install light fixtures, staging them strategically brings a different level of challenge. 

If you are in the process of staging your property and figured your lighting could be better, we have outlined some tips to help you out.

  • Let natural light in
  • Be sure to cater to your property's exteriors
  • Consider modernizing your light fixtures
  • Clean up your light source
  • Look into energy-efficient light sources
  • Brighten your prospects
And There Was Light.

Shed Some Light: Light Staging Tips To Brighten Your Property

Let Natural Light In

Brightening up a property is always served well by letting natural light in. It is probably the simplest lighting advice for home staging and interior design out there that homeowners and buyers are starting to largely appreciate. 

As no bulb or lamp can augment the way natural lighting enters your home, make sure to let in an abundant amount of sunlight through open windows. Your windows should not be obstructed by curtains, tapestries, or any huge furniture that could diminish light. 

If you are putting up your home for sale, determine what time of the day your house receives the most sunlight. Refer the information to the real estate agent so that he or she could show your property to prospective clients during this time. 

Be Sure To Cater To Your Property's Exteriors

To add more character to your house that already exudes personality, you should install lighting in crucial areas. 

For example, if you have a long driveway that leads to a living room, you could highlight it so that it draws attention at night even from afar. Look into placing spotlights or wall lights on both the driveway and the living room.

Consider Modernizing Your Light Fixtures

If you own a vintage home, you may consult a home stager or interior designer on what types of modern light fixtures you can integrate.

Putting your property up for sale may attract prospective buyers looking to buy a rustic home that has a modern flair. You may want to anticipate this and have the fixtures installed early on. You also need to make sure that all these are working impeccably to give home viewers an idea of how they look when the power is on.

Clean Up Your Light Source

If you don't want to change anything, just make sure to clean the light fixtures. As home viewers will always discriminate when hunting for a home, it is important to make an impression that your house is well maintained and cared for. 

On top of that, performing a holistic clean of your light sources removes possible obstructions that may be compromising lighting quality.

Here's a little extra: Look Into Energy-Efficient Light Sources

With various technological advances reaching our homes faster than we could demand them, energy-efficient light sources have become commonplace in the market. And as the call for greener lifestyles is becoming hard to ignore with every passing day, integrating more eco-friendly products into your property has become more desirable and easier.

To this light, energy-efficient light bulbs might be good alternatives to your usual light sources. As incandescent bulbs can expire fast, you may look into LED or compound fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Through these options, you are assured of longer lifetimes for your light sources.

Brighten Your Prospects

Brighten Your Prospects

Making your property look new again need not cost too much. You may not have to change anything, save for your lighting. 

If you can set up and install your light sources properly, you might find that light alone can make dramatic changes to your space.

So go ahead, sort out your options, and experiment; find the best lighting style for your home. Who knows? Maybe through lighting alone, you can entice your desired prospective buyer!

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