What are the Latest Aesthetic Bedroom Trends

What are the latest Aesthetic Bedroom Trends

When getting a new house, one of the fun activities you can get into is designing your bedroom. It’s going to be your sanctuary, your very own private part of the house where you can just be your authentic and vulnerable self. It only follows that it should be a space where you feel comfortable and that every inch of it reflects you.

How to make your bedroom aesthetic

The definition of aesthetic varies from one person to another. To find your personal aesthetic, start by considering the colours and textures that make you feel comfortable. From there, list down the furniture pieces that are both aesthetic and practical for you. Make your bedroom as personal as possible.

There are a lot of aesthetic bedroom ideas that you can find online. When you go to furniture stores or those that sell house accessories, you can also find jungle-themed rugs or Boho-themed wallpapers. Depending on what your preferred style is, could be a black and white bedroom, Korean style, modern, earthy, minimalist, or vintage, there are available furnishings for you made available.

Below are the latest aesthetic bedroom decor ideas for you to consider this 2022:

  • Back to nature
  • Dark
  • Nostalgic
Back to nature

Back to nature

It can be because we’ve been mostly indoors in the past few years but one of the biggest bedroom aesthetic trends this 2022 is going nature-inspired.

It can be the color scheme (blue for underwater or green for grasslands or forests) or it can be the theme of the accessories and furniture design. You can also purchase art pieces that depict anything nature related.

The presence of water installations like a desktop water feature or a wall waterfall are also nice examples. Of course, plants inside the room are also a nice touch. Huge windows that can let the natural light in or a sunroof so that even at night, you can see the sky also moves you closer to nature.



Dark themes make a space feel more soothing and relaxing. It is more conducive to rest and relaxation for some people so there has been an increased popularity in blackout curtains.

A dark theme also makes a room feel cooler and more chill. In essence, when the room is brighter, it is because there is so much light bouncing off the different surfaces. These activities make the room more active as compared to the more subdued darker tone. There isn’t much light activity so it’s more relaxing.



Period pieces that are reminiscent of the designs of the past are also making a comeback. There is something about authentic pieces from the past that brings different textures to otherwise flat designs.

It is also a special way to still make use of the hand-me-downs from parents and grandparents, and to hold on to family keepsakes.

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