101/23-25 Clapham Street, Thornbury

101/23-25 Clapham - Balcony and Living 101/23-25 Clapham - Living 101/23-25 Clapham - Kitchen 101/23-25 Clapham - Bath 101/23-25 Clapham - Bedroom 2 pixel dot 101/23-25 Clapham - Bedroom 1

Experience the epitome of silent affluence at 23-25 Clapham Street with Unit 101 beautifully highlighted by expert professional home staging from Styled By Collings. Playful mixtures of wood, stone, glass, and concrete are elegantly matched with a neutral palette, creating a unique design. The apartment’s calm and airy atmosphere is preserved with the smart selection of comfortable and functional larger furniture by Styled By Collings. The potential for outdoor living is recognized, with a thoughtfully designed balcony that complements the interior color scheme.

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