StyledbyCollings and the Client hereby acknowledge that the following Standard Terms and Conditions are incorporated in and make a part of the Agreement between the two parties. All sales are based on the terms outlined below which are deemed to be accepted upon receipt of payment to StyledbyCollings. By confirming your order, you accept the quantity, quality and design of all items contained in the package.




“The Client”: The person, company or firm identified as the Client for whom a Project is carried out for.


“The Designer”: StyledbyCollings


“Agreement”: The agreement between The Client and StyledbyCollings to undertake a Project.


“Project”: All professional works undertaken by the Designer for the Client as set out in the Agreement.




A deposit is required to confirm your project unless otherwise specified. No projects will be processed until the deposit amount has been received.



10% deposit is required prior to project commencement


The remaining balance will be invoiced after each phase is completed, or as otherwise agreed.


Please refer to the fee proposal


Furniture Packages


50% deposit required prior to commencement of project


50% deposit required prior to procurement of all packages



Payment needs to be made in full prior to installation


If you’re required to extend the length of hire, payment will be invoiced weekly or monthly.


Deposits are not refundable. In some circumstances StyledbyCollings, in its absolute discretion, may be able to offer a credit notice should the project be cancelled or revised once the project has been processed.


Payment is due 7 days from the invoice date.


Lead times commence from the date of deposit received.


All prices will be fixed once the deposit has been received and until final hand over to the client or unless otherwise specified.


Payment cannot be withheld or delayed due to late settlement or completion of the project unless otherwise arranged and confirmed in writing by StyledbyCollings 14 days prior to the due date for payment, unless otherwise noted in the Project Terms.


All goods remain the property of StyledbyCollings until full payment is received.


Payment can be paid via bank transfer or as per invoice instructions. StyledbyCollings reserves the right to charge the client an additional fee if StyledbyCollings incurs extra charges due to bank charges or related transaction costs.


In some cases a retention sum may be discussed at the completion of hand over for any rectification works required on site as a result of the delivery. Any retention will be released upon confirmation of an agreed rectification program, or as otherwise agreed.


Retention sums may be confirmed in writing and will not be deducted from final balance due without prior written consent from StyledbyCollings.


Any agreed rectification works will be attended to as quickly as possible by StyledbyCollings and will not relieve the client of its obligation to make final payment for the Package or Project on the agreed date.


Prices are valid for the time frame noted on your Project or Package proposal.


StyledbyCollings reserves the right to re-price any product or service in accordance with market conditions if the Project or Package is confirmed outside of the quoted time frame.


Any changes made to a Project or Package after a job has been confirmed must be in writing and may incur an additional administration fee and price variation.


Variations or cancellations to any part of a Project or Package must be approved by StyledbyCollings and the Client where necessary, in writing. StyledbyCollings is not obliged to accept or approve any variations.


Any refunds and / or credits due to Package or Project variations and or cancellations will be at the sole discretion of StyledbyCollings and may be subject to additional administration fees.


Package or Project variations may impact times frames and the Client will be advised of any changes accordingly.


No reasonable request for an extension of time will be refused by the Client if changes are made to the Project or Package after confirmation due to changes in design, material or product specification at the request of the Client or any Client representative.


In some cases a product may be discontinued or unavailable after an order has been confirmed and a deposit has been received. StyledbyCollings reserves the right to replace any such item with a similar product to the same value.


a) Delivery times quoted by StyledbyCollings are approximate only and we are not responsible for any delays. We agree to deliver goods to you on the understanding reasonable access is available. If reasonable access is unavailable or you are not at home at the agreed delivery time you will be charged for any subsequent delivery. It is your responsibility to check measurements to ensure your goods will fit in intended areas. We are not responsible for goods that have not been measured and subsequently do not fit where intended.


b) On delivery, inspect your goods carefully. Any damage detected should be immediately reported to the carrier and us and noted on the delivery copy. Once you have inspected your goods and have signed their acceptance on the delivery copy (noting any damage if any), you agree that the delivery copy is then evidence of the condition of the goods as at the time of delivery.
c) Please organize adequate protection for your floors and internal surfaces prior to delivery as we are not responsible for damage to your floors or internal surfaces caused in any way by the delivery of your goods. Due to OH&S requirements, delivery personnel must wear appropriate footwear at all times so take measures to ensure your floors and internal surfaces are protected.
d) Disposal of packaging is the responsibility of the customer. StyledbyCollings will not be responsible for the removal of any packaging material.
e) Be advised – stairs or any additional handling may incur additional charges.


StyledbyCollings will use reasonable endeavors to arrange delivery during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. Weekend installations and after-hours installations may incur additional fees.


Unless otherwise arranged, StyledbyCollings will deliver the package/s over a single delivery period.


Staged deliveries over separate days at the request of the Client may incur additional delivery, storage and administration fees. Any associated costs will constitute a variation to the contract and will be quoted and invoiced accordingly.


StyledbyCollings requires a minimum of 14 working days to coordinate delivery and /or notice of any changes to an agreed delivery program, unless otherwise noted.


StyledbyCollings reserves the right to charge any associated costs incurred for changes to an agreed delivery schedule at the request of the Client.


StyledbyCollings reserves the right to charge any associated costs and re scheduling fees should the agreed delivery program be changed due to incomplete building works, or any other reason as determined by StyledbyCollings that will prevent the package being installed on the agreed date. These costs may include storage and administration fees, or any other fees charged by third parties as a result of the Client delay.


StyledbyCollings is not responsible for delays caused by others and which are beyond its immediate control, including but not limited to late settlement dates and builder’s defects.


StyledbyCollings reserves the right to charge the Client for any associated costs incurred due to building delays, which may include but not be limited to storage, administration and rescheduling fees.


Any delay initiated by the Client or delays outside of StyledbyCollings’s control will not affect the agreed due dates for payment, and in some cases, full payment less an agreed delivery and installation cost will be payable on the original scheduled date or at a date to be determined by StyledbyCollings.


In some cases, StyledbyCollings may be required to handle items delivered by third parties. Unless otherwise agreed StyledbyCollings will not be responsible for any part of third-party deliveries or products and any costs associated with delays caused by third party delivery that impact the agreed delivery schedule may incur additional costs.


Unless otherwise agreed, StyledbyCollings will not be responsible for the removal or handling of third-party packaging or waste, assembly or products or installation or damage caused by third party deliveries.


StyledbyCollings shall not be liable to the Client in any way for failure to deliver on the delivery date and any failure to deliver does not create any rights for the Client to cancel the order or terminate this agreement.


The Client acknowledges that StyledbyCollings shall make all reasonable attempts to supply goods ordered by the Client. StyledbyCollings accepts no responsibility for delays, price fluctuations, and unavailable or discontinued stock beyond its immediate control.


StyledbyCollings reserves the right to exchange unavailable or discontinued goods with goods of a similar type and quality at StyledbyCollings’s absolute discretion.


StyledbyCollings will complete a hand over with the Client or Client representative at the completion of the installation. Any rectification works required to be undertaken will be agreed to by StyledbyCollings and the Client.


All warranty claims are at the sole discretion of StyledbyCollings. A site inspection will be conducted to determine the validity of any claim.


In some cases, the cost of freight is not covered under product replacement and will be the responsibility of the Client.


It is the Client’s responsibility to complete and provide to the manufacturer any warranty cards or documentation required.


StyledbyCollings does not offer warranties over and above those specified by the manufacturer, including all electrical items and white goods.


Where possible, StyledbyCollings will assist in the rectification of all items not covered under its standard warranty within a 12-month time frame.


Items considered defective by the Client must be reported to StyledbyCollings within 7 days of the hand over.


StyledbyCollings accepts no responsibility for defects or damage once a property has been tenanted.


StyledbyCollings accepts no responsibility for defects or damage caused by the handling of items by persons not authorized by StyledbyCollings and / or if the item has been used.


Defects are separate to manufacturing faults which will be treated under the Warranty clause.


StyledbyCollings will deliver the package as per the confirmed package list and accepts no returns outside of issues pertaining to damage or product fault.


If any part of this agreement is held invalid that part shall be severed from this agreement and the remainder of the agreement will continue to be valid and enforceable.


Upon termination, StyledbyCollings shall be entitled to recover from the Client any difference between the fees and the amount paid by a third party if the items comprising the Package are sold by StyledbyCollings to a third party for less than what the Client would have paid for those items pursuant to this agreement.


All package lists and related material remain the copyright of StyledbyCollings and cannot be re distributed or used for marketing purposes without StyledbyCollings’s written consent.


StyledbyCollings excludes all liability and responsibility for any uninsured loss, damage, injuries or death that may result to The Client or a third party in connection with the supply and installation of goods.


StyledbyCollings retains copyright in all designs, drawings, plans, specifications, design details, photographs, brochures, reports, notes of meetings, and any other materials provided by StyledbyCollings in connection with the Project.


By signing the Agreement, The Client agrees to allow StyledbyCollings to showcase any/all work created in the course of a Project as part of the StyledbyCollings portfolio.


StyledbyCollings reserve the right to use all concepts produced in the course of the project (including those concepts not selected) and revisions, for the purposes of promoting StyledbyCollings in print or digital media portfolios, social media, and blogs.


StyledbyCollings shall have the right to photograph the Project and to use the photographs in the promotion of its professional service through publication, advertising, public relations, brochures, websites, or other marketing media.


The Client shall allow StyledbyCollings reasonable access to photograph or otherwise record the Project before and/or after completion.


The Client shall, where required by StyledbyCollings, in any publicity relating to the Project, give full credit to StyledbyCollings for their services related to the Project.


StyledbyCollings owns the copyright to all photography on its website. All material is prohibited to be used by external parties unless authorised by StyledbyCollings in writing.


StyledbyCollings shall be entitled to royalties on any invention, new product or exploitation of any images arising out of the Project and/or the services provided.


StyledbyCollings agrees to not disclose the Client’s personal details on any promotional material.


The client has accepted a home staging and styling quotation provided by StyledbyCollings.


The client acknowledges that StyledbyCollings has not offered and does not offer the client any guarantee, promise or warranty of result or outcome if the client chooses to enter into this contract with StyledbyCollings.


StyledbyCollings agrees to supply, rent, style and stage display stock to and at the premises in accordance with the quotation accepted by the client.


The client rents the display stock from StyledbyCollings whilst the display stock is staged on the premises and until the display stock is returned to StyledbyCollings.


The client never acquires any ownership of the display stock.


At the conclusion of the initial term or any extended term the client shall return the display stock to StyledbyCollings or allow access to StyledbyCollings to collect them.


Once the display stock has been staged at the premises the client must not move the stock from the premises without the prior written consent of StyledbyCollings and must remain in the client’s sole possession.


If the display stock or any part of the stock is removed from the premises without StyledbyCollings’s prior written consent, this will be deemed an unlawful conversion and/or illegal misappropriation of the stock and appropriate legal action may be taken against the client.


The client must keep the display stock in good order and condition, allowing for fair wear and tear and the client is responsible for any damage to the display stock.


If any of the stock is damaged whilst in the client’s possession, the client must pay StyledbyCollings a sum equal to the reasonable market cost of repairing or replacing the damaged items of stock.


StyledbyCollings will present the client with a display stock inventory check list at the time of delivery.


The client must sign the inventory check list to confirm receipt of each item of stock stated in the check list and further to confirm that each item in the check list is free of any defect or damage excluding any fair wear and tear.


When picking up the display stock StyledbyCollings must use the same inventory check list as used on delivery and sign the check list to confirm the return of each stock item in the check list and to further confirm that each item picked up was free of any damage excluding any fair wear and tear.


In the event that during pick up StyledbyCollings notes any damage to any item of stock, such damage must be noted on the check list and will be brought to the attention of the client as soon as practicable.


StyledbyCollings accepts no liability to the client whatsoever if the client fails to achieve a sale of the property before the expiry of the initial rental term or any extended rental term of the display stock or a sale at the price desired or expected by the client.


StyledbyCollings shall not be liable for any injury, death, damage or loss suffered by the client, by any agent of the client or by any person or prospective buyer invited upon the premises by the client or the client’s agent whilst the display stock is staged on the premises.


The client shall not make any claim against StyledbyCollings for damages in respect of property or personal injury sustained as a result of any use, malfunction, defect or breakdown of the goods or any of them and indemnifies StyledbyCollings against, and releases StyledbyCollings from all claims, actions, demands or suits directly arising out of or connected with the use, malfunction, defect or breakdown of the goods.


All artwork and wall hangings specified for styling must be hung with nails to ensure safety and stability.


StyledbyCollings will not be liable for any damage caused to the premises by nails/wall hooks inserted into the wall for the purpose of hanging artwork/s or wall hangings, and StyledbyCollings is not responsible for the removal of such nails/wall hooks or for the repair of any holes in the walls caused by use of the nails/hooks.


Minimum set times for property styling is 6 weeks. Additional weeks will incur an extra 20% of the total package price per week unless otherwise agreed to in writing from StyledbyCollings.


All furniture specified for styling is at the discretion of StyledbyCollings and dependent on stock levels. The client agrees to allow StyledbyCollings full creative control of styling.


The tenant is required to pay the value of 1 months rent as a security bond at the time of booking. Any damaged, missing, or unclean items will be charged at the full replacement cost, or the cleaning cost will be deducted from the bond amount. The security bond will be refunded once all items have been returned and checked that they are in the original condition as supplied.


Term and conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior written notice. By accepting the listed T&C’s you acknowledge the responsibility to check for updated T&C’s via our website.