108/2 McCutcheon Street, Northcote

108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Balcony
108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Kitchen
108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Bedroom 2
108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Bedroom 1
108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Bathroom
108/2 McCutcheon Northcote - Balcony

The professional home staging by Styled By Collings has transformed property 108/2 McCutcheon Street into a serene and sophisticated haven, ideal for escaping the bustle of city life. Rendered in a cool fusion of white, beige, brown, and black, this property features the finest choice of contemporary furniture that emanates restrained elegance. The ethereal living room is anchored with modish set pieces, while the high-end style of the bedrooms is highlighted by luxurious sheets and chic throws. Designer nightstands topped with industrial-style lamps are a nice touch for a contemporary bedroom. Small, vibrant potted plants and succulents liven up the otherwise cool atmosphere of the kitchen and dining area. Natural light floods the space through clear glass framing the terrace, a stunning secondary living space that looks out to the horizon and the benevolent offerings of spirited and multicultural Northcote.

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