Rule of 3 in Home Styling

Rule of 3 in Home Styling

The rule of 3 doesn’t just apply in photography, it also can be used in home styling. It is a design principle that significantly impacts each room in your home.

But what is the rule of three?

The rule of 3 theory explores the idea that odd numbers expand and create more energies; on the other hand, even numbers contract and condense, making things seem smaller than they really are. In home styling, if you want to add energy and create a well-designed space that is cosy and comfortable, infusing the rule of 3 in your home styling ideas will be a big help.

So what are the elements of style that you can use the rule of 3?



In a room, you can pick three different colours that complement each other. Usually, there will be 60% for the main colour, 30% for the secondary color that compliments the main one, and then the remaining 10% will be for the accent colour.

You can do contrast colours or those from the same colour palette; you can do it in the same colour but different shades. Three colours will help set the mood in the room.

Size and shape

Size and shape

Height and girth matters on the size and shape of objects when you apply the principle of rule of 3. For example, the coffee table in the middle of the living room has three small different-sized decorative bottles. Or if you prefer to put art pieces on a side table along one of the hallways in your home, experiment with three different shapes. A star, a circle, and a square can be a nice example, but you can also play with other shapes.

The rule of 3 makes for a more balanced design effect overall.



Examine a well-designed room. The walls can be one solid color or will have texture; could be marble or stripes, or can even use panels. Then, for the chairs and other furniture, it will have solid colors. For the room accessories and accents, it will have colorful or more detailed patterns, like for example the sofa cushions.

Different textures add character to an otherwise cold room and gives it a more homey feel.

The rule of 3 in home styling is a good principle to follow so try it when you undergo a makeover or when you move to a new home.

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