Commercial Fitout

Investing in an interior design plan for your commercial space in Melbourne can be a daunting and expensive task. But businesses should note that the benefits of having a well-designed and stylish commercial fit-out far outweigh the costs.

Styling your office effectively creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, makes it easier to attract new customers and boosts employee morale through subtle touches of creativity.

A good commercial design plan will capture the attention of those who see it, leading to more sales opportunities and better brand recognition. Styling by Collings can help you turn your business dreams into reality with stunning designs that maximize your space while keeping within budget.

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Our Commercial Fitout Process


Design Conceptualization

We will involve you with the conceptualization of your space's design which will include the type and style of furniture that will be installed.


Collaboration With Suppliers

We will collaborate with suppliers to determine the best and most cost-effective options.


Securing The Furniture

We will get all the needed furniture from our suppliers.



Our stylists will oversee the delivery of all furniture and other effects to the site.


Onsite Management

Our team will manage the project onsite.

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